Ipod Bathroom System
Audio Controls on Bath

BathSound is a totally new way of listening to your ipod or mp3 player in the bathroom.

It is a bathroom audio system which is completely unique. BathSound works on the same principle as a musical instrument such as the acoustic guitar or violin. Using a patented electro-acoustic excitation device attached on either side of the bath, the whole body of the bath vibrates very slightly. And, just like the guitar or violin, these vibrations create a powerful and natural sound source.

BathSound is completely hygienic, needs no cleaning or maintenance, and is completely safe. Available as a DIY system kit which you can fit to your existing bath.

BathSound lets you plug in your iPod/MP3 player, and with a volume control positioned on the bath, you can listen to your favourite music while having a shave, washing your hair, showering and, unbelievably while your actually in the bath! The sound quality is unaffected by the amount of water in the bath.

BathSound can be fitted to all GRP / Plastic / Cast resin, baths and showers

Whilst it is possible to fit the system yourself, we also offer a full installation service. Fitting prices depend on the geographic location, and access to the bath.

The waterproof volume control and MP3 player plug can be fitted to the bath, bath panel or any localised point near the bath. A 240v power supply is required to the IPx5 control box situated under the bath, protected by RCCD safety unit positioned outside the bathroom.

BathSound has an approved CE mark and is completely safe.